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Estimate paint coverage capability

Knowing how much paint product should be used is essential. Paint product coverage is defined as the spreading rate of the coating on a given material. It is usually indicated on the paint product label expressed in square meters per liter of paint product.
The coverage value helps to determine: how much paint or coating is necessary and what is the surface area to be covered with a given quantity of paint or coating.

A proper assessment helps choosing the most appropriate paint packaging size. It is also worth to know that paint coverage is affected by various factors.

To improve coverage

Paint coverage depends on several factors. Planning painting work is an important activity. When planning, it is necessary to pay attention to the preparation of the surface to be painted, as well as the chosen paint and application method.

  • outils
    Pay attention to choosing the right tools for painting and using an appropriate painting technique
  • Peinture
    Choose the most suitable paint product for the given surface
  • Effacer
    Don’t forget about surface preparation and cleanup
  • Amorce
    Apply primers and undercoats

The EU Ecolabel criteria for paints and varnishes

Paints For Life Painting works, coverage area EU Ecolabel

Spreding rate/ coverage

At a 98% hiding power, white paints and light-coloured paints (including finishes and intermediates) shall have a spreading rate of at least 8 m2 per litre of product for indoor paints and 6 m2 for outdoor paints. This criterion only applies to white base tinting systems.

  • Maison
    Outdoor paints

    > 6 m2/l

  • Intérieur
    Indoor paints

    > 8 m2/l

To avoid ending up with unused paint products going to waste, before paint purchase it is recommended to make proper calculations and to find out an approximate number of square meters to be painted. For example, for the room painting project: include the width, height and length of the room in the calculations and exclude the area of doors and windows.