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Create feel and look

The main attention should be paid to the paint color and glossiness (sheen) of the finish, for creating the right Feel and Look.
Feel and look
In selecting a paint, there is a trade-off between durability and the ability to hide defects of the surface being covered. In addition, the right choice of paint color allows creating the desired feeling in the room.

Flat and eggshell finishes tend to hide defects but they are not very durable. Gloss and semi-gloss finishes are just the opposite. For indoor applications, an eggshell finish is the best option. Good idea is to test the paint on a small area of the wall before painting the whole room. The same color could look differently depending on the lighting and other factors. It will help to understand, if the color looks and feels as expected.


Gloss is an indicator to evaluate the visual impression of the painted surface. In traditional household interiors, walls are usually painted in flat or eggshell gloss, wooden trim (including doors and window sash) in high gloss, and ceilings almost in variably in flat. Similarly, exterior trim is usually painted with a gloss paint, while the body of the house is painted in a lower gloss.

  • Krāsas spīdums <5
    < 5
  • Krāsas spīdums <10
    < 10
  • Krāsas spīdums <20
    < 20
  • Krāsas spīdums <60
    < 60
  • Krāsu-spīdums > 60
    > 60
    High gloss


As colors and emotions are closely linked, the paint colors can be used for creating a certain mood and atmosphere. The colors play a key role in the interior design and paint products are the means to obtain the predefined result, such as:

  • Making a room feel larger and more open
  • Creating a sense of relaxation
  • Making a room feel cozier


Texture adds depth and dimension to the interior elements. Wall textures can range from grainy finishes to faux finishes that leave an impression of raised surface. Texture is used in the interior for various purposes, such as:

  • More elegant looks
  • Decorative and even artistic appearance
  • Covers cracks and defects on walls
  • Replicates the feel and look of other surfaces (e.g. marble or metal)