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Responsible purchasing of paint products

Responsible purchasing of the paint products should involve choices that allow for low levels of pollutants and emissions resulting in the benefits for the environment as well as human health and well-being.
Responsible purchasing

4 main principles for choosing paint products

Responsible choice of paints is about purchasing low toxicity and low emission products, with good coverage and durability of the painted surface. Before starting your painting project, read how-to guide & advice on choosing paint products for your project. It is also recommend to discuss any unclear questions with the retailer and/or possible contractors.

  • Approprié
    Choose the most appropriate paint product for a specific application
  • Toxique
    Avoid negative environmental and human health impact
  • Cycle de vie
    Consider years of service for the painted surface
  • Calculateur de financement
    Calculate the actual costs per m² of painted surface

Where to find information about paint products?

Knowledge of the paint product can be obtained from the information on the packaging as well as from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Technical Data Sheet (TDS) documentation. If necessary, ask the retailer to provide the necessary information.

  • Panneaux et textes d’avertissement de peinture
    Paint label
    on the can of the product
  • Fiche technique sur la sécurité des matériaux de peinture
    Product Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Fiche technique du produit de peinture
    Product Technical Data Sheet
information about paint products, Paint can and MSDS, TDS