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Always check the label

Look for a hazard pictogram on a product packaging or carefully read the included product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Technical Data Sheet (TDS), to find out if the paint product contains harmful chemicals.
Technical data sheet
Following the requirements of the EU Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP Regulation), all paint products should have labels with a warning symbol and specific warning notices about particular harmful substances or mixtures present in the particular product.

Always check information on the label of the paint product

For example, the EU Green Public Procurement criteria for paint and coatings limits the use of paint products containing the following hazard labels.

  • Crâne
    Acute toxicity

    GHS06: Toxic

    Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), categories 1, 2, 3

  • Important
    Health hazard

    GHS07: Harmful

    Irritation (Skin irritation, categories 2, 3 Eye irritation, category 2A)

    Specific target organ toxicity – single exposure (STOT SE 3)

    Acute toxicity (oral, dermal, inhalation), category 4

    Skin sensitization (Skin Sens. 1 , 1A or 1B)

  • Danger pour la santé
    Serious health Hazard

    GHS08: Health hazard

    Carcinogenicity (Carc. 1A, Carc. 1B, Carc. 2)

    Respiratory sensitization (Resp. Sens. 1, 1A or 1B)

    Specific target organ toxicity – single exposure (STOT SE 1, 2)

    Specific target organ toxicity– repeated exposure (STOT RE 1 or 2)

    Germ cell mutagenicity (Muta. 1A, Muta. 1B, Muta. 2)

    Reproductive toxicity (Repr. 1A, Repr. 1B, Repr. 2)

  • Environnement
    Hazardous to the environment

    GHS09: Environmental hazard

    Hazardous to the aquatic environment (Aquatic Acute 1 Aquatic Chronic 1or2)

The following classification means that the final paint product consists components with potentially harmful effects to the human health and environment: acute toxicity, toxicity for a specific target organ, respiratory or skin sensitizer, or carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction, hazardous to the environment.