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The ultimate guide for buying the right paint product

We created 10 tips for sustainable paint product choice, helping you to purchase the most appropriate product for your home.
Responsible purchasing

Responsible purchasing of paint products

Responsible purchasing of the paint products should involve choices that allow for low levels of pollutants and emissions resulting in the benefits for the environment as well as human health and well-being.
Painting wall

Choosing paint for the right surface

It should be kept in mind that choosing the right paint products starts with taking into account the environment (indoor or outdoor) and surface to be painted.
Feel and look

Create feel and look

The main attention should be paid to the paint color and glossiness (sheen) of the finish, for creating the right Feel and Look.
Technical data sheet

Always check the label

Look for a hazard pictogram on a product packaging or carefully read the included product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Technical Data Sheet (TDS), to find out if the paint product contains harmful chemicals.
Volatile compounds

Beware of the VOCs

Attention! VOC paint contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOC concentration calculated as gr per liter is indicated on the label of each paint product.

Beware of the biocides

Responsible purchasing of the paint products also involve being aware of biocides. Namely, extra attention should be paid to the toxic chemicals/ biocides used in the paint product manufacturing.
Paint endurance

Assess paint durability

The durability of paint against mechanical exposure is described as washability/wet abrasion/scrub resistance class.

Estimate paint coverage capability

Knowing how much paint product should be used is essential. Paint product coverage is defined as the spreading rate of the coating on a given material. It is usually indicated on the paint product label expressed in square meters per liter of paint product.
Money saving

Know the paint lifetime costs

Comparing the costs of different paint products before purchase should not be simplified to looking only at the product price per litre.

Paint quality guarantees

Upon purchasing a paint product, eco labels on the product packaging provides the end-user with the necessary verifications about the product quality and its environmental impact.