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“Paints For Life” portal is launched to encourage manufacturers to develop green and innovative architectural paint products

Published 20.07.2022

Within the framework of the EU LIFE programme, the project partners ALINA company, Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia have launched an initiative in order to accelerate adaptation of the paint industry to the latest sustainability requirements. portal is an outcome of several years' extensive research and innovative approach to develop Ecolabel compliant paint formulations.

The project team has developed more than 20 sustainable architectural paint formulations available for the industry professionals on the portal. These formulations are intended for reducing toxic biocides and VOCs in the architectural paint products. In order to facilitate sustainable product development,  information on the formulations as well as used raw materials is open and available for all industry stakeholders. 

Solvita Kostjukova, Co-founder and CEO of Alina company, emphasises that the “Paints For Life” portals democratizes the architectural paint industry by offering complete information about frame formulations to develop low VOC and biocide paint products. It is important to us, that information on sustainable product development is available to every stakeholder in the industry. The potential target customers are small and medium size paint and coating product manufacturers who need to adapt their products to the sustainability requirements and are interested in wider adoption of green chemistry in paints and coatings.

For consumers the “Paints For Life” portal offers guidelines for responsible paint product choice. It helps to understand the paint labelling system and provides an insight into choosing low toxicity and low emission products, with good coverage and durability of the painted surface.

About the project

Project: LIFE-ALFIO “Alina Life Formulations in Open-Source Platform” Project location:   Riga, Latvia Coordinating Beneficiary: ALINA Ltd. Associated Beneficiaries: University of Latvia & Riga Technical University

About ALINA company

ALINA company is founded in 2015 and it started operating as a spin-off of the University of Latvia by commercializing the invention of Latvian scientists. 

ALINA produces state-of-the-art montmorillonite mineral materials by challenging how things are made. By putting people’s health first, we take responsibility not only for people, but also for the environment. ALINA uses innovative production technology to manufacture montmorillonite mineral materials, available for building product manufacturers to substitute for toxic chemicals and heavy metals. By reducing environmental pollution, we improve people’s health and wellbeing.  

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