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Paints for life

We promote  the use of sustainable  paint products

by educating customers about human health friendly and environmentally friendly product choices and encouraging manufacturers to develop green and innovative products. Thus we invite you to join our journey to the future with more sustainable paint products!

  • Pinceau de peinture
    For paint consumers
    Households and professional users

    How-to guide & advice about choosing paint products for your project.

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  • Manuel
    For paint professionals
    Paint product manufacturers and distributors

    Information and support for sustainable paint and coating product development.

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Ready-made paint formulations, available for industrial use

As a result of research, involving industrial partners, we present 16 eco-friendly paint formulations. Those recipes are 3rd parity tested and validated by the industry. 

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What should I know before choosing paint products for my projects?

Responsible choice of paints is about purchasing low toxicity and low emission products, with good coverage and durability of the painted surface.

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Use the paint product consumer guide, if you:

  • are looking for cost-effective products
  • are interested in limiting the toxicity coming from paint products
  • are looking for child-friendly paint products
  • are worried about possible allergic reactions to paint products
  • want to improve the indoor air quality

What are the most important principles we should know to develop sustainable paint and coating products?

This section is specifically dedicated to professionals of the paint and coating industry, whose activities are related to the new paint and coating products from product development to market introduction.

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We introduce you to various eco-certification standards to explain the requirements for sustainable paint and coating products.

Green paint and coating product requirements

We explore the 6 key principles to support the development of sustainable paint products.